Investment and regulation of contract

The team are experienced in the fields of law, economics, investment, foreign business-economic contracts, international trade and tax law

Resolving international disputes

Dr. Sadeghi is a PhD in Comparative law and economics (European-American) from Brunel University London. He has extensive experience in international contracts, international trade negotiations, foreign investment and international trade mediation


 Dr. Sadeghi’ s group is a Legal – Economics network that helps you solve your legal, criminal and financial problems.

professional Consultation

Members of the team are experienced in the fields of law and economics, investment, business-economic  contracts, international arbitration, international business, business and tax law to advise you on all issue.

Business and banking

Company registration

Economic Cases

International lawsuits

Dr. Sadeghi's legal-economic team

Trusted team

Dr. Sadeghi’s legal-economic team is a highly qualified and experienced lawyer and economist. The team is led by Dr. Mohammad Sadeghi (Graduate of Comparative law and economics from London, a lawyer and faculty member) as the first single legal-economic group, coherent and with the necessary strategy and expertise in all areas in Hormozgan province

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    Business 95%
    International law 68%
    Family 97%
    Claim 94%

    Dr. sadeghi resume



     Problems with Digital Records Acceptance as a Reason, Issued – 2009, by Prof. Nezvara.
    Digital Certification of Computer Records. Contemporary Legal and Economic Problems 2 (Europe) Publications, University of Osjak, as Legal and Economic Contemporary Issues II
     Introduction to Microeconomics – Hormozgan University Publication
    Law and Economic Efficiency – Hormozgan University Publication
     New Law and Economic Development – University of Hormozgan Publications, Final Edition
    *Methodology of study of law science – Golbahar International University – Mashhad
    * International Law and Economics for the Development of International Business Relations, Kish Business Forum
    * Economic Analysis, Digital Law in the Third Millennium: Faculty of Law and Political Science – Mashhad
    * Modern Law and Mind Focusing on Philosophy of Technology and Normative Economics Faculty of Law and Political Science – Lorestan / Khorramabad
    How legal jurists think (Comrade Frank Jersey).
    * Search Engines and the New Question of the Economic Law Society – Sarabaya University
    * Google Civil Liability for Economic Property Infringement – Bandar Abbas Azad University
    * Fighting Money Laundering Based on Economic Law Solutions – to be presented to the Indonesian Government and Iranian Research Fund
    * Hormozgan Province Employment and Production Strategic Document with Resistance Economics Approach – Faculty Mobilization
    * Non-Oil Export Development Document of Hormozgan Province – Organization of Industry and Mining
    * Economic Chamber of Commerce Strategic Document – Chamber of Commerce
    * Investigating and recognizing economic competitive advantages based on law and economics – Chamber of Commerce
    * Economic Database – Chamber of Commerce
    * Legal-economic analysis of barriers to foreign investment in the Gulf Special Economic Zone – Gulf Special Economic Zone
    * Psychological Analysis – Law (Satisfaction)

    Executive and scientific background

    *Member of Faculty of Hormozgan University
    * Member of the International Bar Association Technology Law Commission (London) 2010
    * Referee of Osaka-Japan International Conference on Policy and Management
    * Guest Speaker and Referee of the International Conference on Criminal Justice – US Department of Criminal Justice
    * Reviewer of the Journal of International Law Research – Canada
    * Principal Reviewer of the Book of Legal Policies Against Financial Crimes at Sarabaya University
    * Professor of Public Economic Law at UPH University Australia-Indonesia
    * Visiting Professor Surabuya University New Challenges in Economics of Senior and Doctoral Economics
    * Member of the British Institute of International Law and Comparative Studies.
    * Member of the Intellectual Property and Information Technology Research Group at Brunel University London
    * Secretary of Resistance Economics Council of Hormozgan University
    * Secretary of Hormozgan University Anti-Money Laundering Committee
    * Head of Hormozgan University Scientific and International Cooperation Office
    * Legal Adviser to the Persian Gulf Special Economic Zone